Ergonomic work tables

Height-adjustable work tables

Flexible workflows and changing people at the different workstations require adaptable workstations as well as height-adjustable workstations.

These allow working while sitting or standing (height adjustment range: 680 mm – 1100 mm).

There are already developed special structures for the different areas:

  • Packaging
  • Editing
  • Workshop
  • ESD areas

The table frames are made of sturdy profile steel, for high demands (5 years warranty).

The height is adjusted by crank or electric motor drive.

Different attachments are available for all models

Mounting frame, articulated arms for plastic boxes, articulated arm with shelf, energy bars, tool boards, direct lighting systems, drawers, tool suspension trolleys with strain relief (compensating block), plan holders, computer shelves and much more.

ESD area

all models are also available electrically conductive with connections for hand-rail belts, as well as grounding belts.

The table surfaces are equipped with the special NORASTAT ESD surface.

Shaping and decorative strips

The decorative strips are available in 4 colours.
blue, red, green and grey

Height adjustment
2 variants are possible:

- electrically by means of an electric motor
- electrically by means of an electric motor

IDC 2000
Technische Daten:

Frame widths: 1100 mm, 1500 mm or 1900 mm
max. Load: 300 kg

IDC 2400
Technische Daten:

Frame widths: 1100 mm, 1500 mm or 1900 mm
max. Load: 275 kg
Lifting speed: 25mm/sec.
Control: Hand-held rotary switch

Tabletops are available in 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 and 2000 mm x 800 mm.
The thickness of the plate is 24 mm or 40 mm depending on the material.
Materials are visible beige, laminate beech, linoleum green, Norastat ESD, robust oak, steel-coated wood panel and oil-hardened wood panels.

IDC 2040 H
 Work table in modular system

- adaptable to any workstation
- individually assembled
- modern and functional design
- modern and functional design

Frame widths: 1100 mm, 1500 mm and 1900 mm Height adjustment: 2 versions

- Standard 660 mm-1100 mm
- low 560 mm-900 mm

max. Load: 300 kg

IDC 2030 T/H
Corner solutions are also feasible

- is often used in the office

Height adjustment: 660 mm-1100 mm