Working chairs

Work chairs, mats and standing aids - Werksitz bietet den optimalen Arbeitsstuhl und vieles mehr

The work chair as laboratory chair, standing aid, workshop chair or even the stool with the corresponding workbench mat, support your employees during work, because it is important that your employees sit healthy and dynamic.

In order to ensure the ergonomic design of the workplace by means of the optimal standing aid, the laboratory chair, work chair or workshop chair with corresponding workbench mat, factory seat has been working for you for over 30 years. Modern sophisticated products for the Workstation equipment, such as work mats, workbench mats, work chairs such as workshop chairs, laboratory chairs and standing aids are developed by the factory and adapted to the requirements of the companies.

More and more companies are taking care to equip every workplace ergonomically with appropriate chairs and mats. We support this trend with constantly new developments, because the right Working chairLaboratory chair, chair for the clean room or workshop chair or the right work mat, workplace mat or standing aid is an important contribution to health and thus to increase productivity.

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