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Advantages over traditional barriers

“MPM barriers are the more economical choice with a Ersparnis spätestens beim ersten Unfall!"

Our Flex PVC System 

Metal and PP/PE systems

  • MPM barriers deform on impact, absorb the energy and reform
  • MPM Barriers with minimum maintenance effort save time and money
  • MPM Barriers does not damage the floor
  • Metal barriers permanently deform on impact and conduct energy into the ground
  • Metal barriers need Maintenance and paintingthat means downtime and costs
  • Metal barriers damage the soil

In addition, our Flex PVC systems are

  • with the same output more compact and space-saving
  • expand less, and need less distance to the shelf etc.
  • have a smooth surface and are easier to clean
  • are resistant to salt solutions, petrol, oil and alcohol
  • are without additives UV-resistant
  • are TÜV-certified and according to UL-94 fire class V0 non-combustible
  • and have a better CO2 Balance


The following companies already rely on the MPM PVC system: